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Horror of Krolovt Keep

The characters arrive in the small village of Vosburg. The talk of the town concerns the recent disappearance of the local blacksmith’s daughters. Hearing of the newly-arrived adventurers, the blacksmith, Marcos Valk, beseeches the PCs to find his missing children. He explains the grim circumstances of the girls’ disappearance and the horrific fate that may have befallen them. Many believe the Valk children have fallen victim to Krolovt Keep, a foul abode to all manners of evil. If so, the two young girls are forever lost. Undetered, it is to Krolovt Keep that the PCs must go if they are to find the missing children and learn the truth.

                The PCs soon discover, however, that the fear and superstition surrounding Krolovt Keep is well founded. Not only are the ruins home to many vile creatures but buried beneath the manor grounds lies a forgotten crypt in which dwells an even greater horror. The task ahead is more challenging and far more dangerous than imagined, but the desperate plea of a father can not be denied. Will the PCs brave the dangers of a cursed ruins and survive? The lives and possibly very souls of two innocents depend on it.