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Sykoholic's Old FRPG Stuff

I've been lugging around a pile of file folders for several years and just storing them in the bottom drawer of my computer desk and promptly forgetting about them. The other day, while searching for some batteries, I opened the aforementioned bottom drawer and decided to see exactly what was in these damn folders. To my suprise, I discovered several fantasy-genre adventures (in various stages of completion) that I wrote over 12 years ago. Completely abandoning the search for the batteries (no... I don't have ADD), I started reading through these things and I must admit that I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time.

It is quite obvious that I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing.  (now that I think about it, not much has really changed in that aspect.)

Secret of Krolovt Manor


Lost Temple of Xeniath

Buried Treasure/Forbidden Isles

Mines of Darkness

The Spire Arcana

The Godless City

Consequently, I never did find those batteries.