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Lost Temple of Xeniath

A ruined town surrounds a hill with a ruined temple on top of it. Plot? Well... there's this ruined town, ya see.... and it's surrounding a hill and... uh.... the hill has a ruined temple on top of it. Did I mention there's an evil cult secretly using the lowere level of the temple? Why? Well... ya see... there's this ruined town and....

Who or what is "Xeniath"? You tell me and we'll both know.

Ah yes.... my infamous "pudgy-legged muscle dude".

Note the strategic placement of the main road that leads directly to the gate of the temple grounds thereby allowing the PCs to by-pass the city entirely.
[1] thru [6] were just buildings in varying degrees of ruin. [7] was a small guard post. [8] was the entry to a small cave complex. [9] was the main gate to the temple grounds.

Temple Upper Level

Temple Lower Level

Apparently, the upper level is a temple to a Good god and the lower level is a temple to an Evil god.  I'm just as confused about this as you are.