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Bards Gate Building Index

Area #1: Tent City

Type Name Location #


The Torn Page TC12
Bookmakers The Cutting Block TC3
Brewer Honey Pot TC9
Cakemaker Casteran’s Cakes TC8
Cheese Maker Curdled Brew TC10
City Guards Fort Rendezvous TC14
Drinking Establishment The Ground Bean TC4
Food Watenga TC2
Fortuneteller The Wanderer’s Encampment  TC13
Mercenary Camp Blackfinger’s Devils TC1
Monks The Cleansed Spirit TC11
Perfumes Scents of Passion TC15
Rugs Filini the Rug Merchant TC16
Spice Merchant Spiced Seed TC6
Tea Shop Green Leaf TC5
Toymakers Dolls and Dice TC7


Area #2: Market District

Type Name Location #

City Gate

The West Gate          


Dye Merchant/Forger

Poldo’s Dyes & Pigments


Fighter’s Guild

Society of Arms


Food Merchant

Pies and Puddings


Funeral Parlour

The Last Stop



Woodie’s Wood Box



The Beast and Bow



Mar’s Magical Poultices



Nightgate Inn



The Felled Ogre



The Inn of Six Candles



Andrigor’s Tower



Tower of Velior 


Private Club

The Pride of the March



Xacanthia’s Magical Transcriptions



Phidian’s Tower & Workshop



Helman’s Bar



The Sell-Sword Tavern



The Paasha’s Pillow



The Bestiary



Area #3: Guild District

Type Name Location #


Coat of Mail



Scaled Down



Rings of Steel



The Leaded Lantern


Guild Hall

Brewers & Distillers Guild


Guild Hall

Gem Cutter & Jeweller’s Guild


Guild Hall

Harlot’s Guildhouse


Guild Hall

Herbalist’s & Alchemists Guild


Guild Hall

Innkeepers Guild


Guild Hall 

Scribes Guild


Guild Hall

Stoneworker’s Guild


Guild Hall

Tavernkeepers Guild


Guild Hall

Wizards' Guild


Guild Hall

Wheelwrights' Guild


Helmet Maker

The Brain Pan



The Bard’s Lute


Musical Instruments

The Woven String


Shield Maker

The Iron Standard



The Keen Edge



Area #4: Old Temple District

Type Name Location #
Inn Seven Trees OT14
Inn The Bed of Grapes OT8
Inn The Lowlander Inn OT12
Restaurant The Lion’s Lair OT11
Restaurant The Mill Stone OT13
Restaurant The Pink Feathers OT9
Restaurant Visseli’s Vault OT15
Tavern Gantry’s Tea House OT10
Temple Temple of Bast OT5
Temple Temple of Darach-Albith OT6
Temple Temple of Dwerfater OT16
Temple Temple of Moccavallo OT7
Temple Shrine of Muir OT3
Temple Temple of Pekko OT17
Temple Temple of the Bird Goddess OT4
Temple Temple of Thyr OT2
Temple House of the Ever Vigilent Guard OT1


Area #5: The Docks

Type Name Location #
Ale House Last Drop D3
Cooper The Rolled Barrel D5
Fish Market Salted Scales D6
Fishing/Boating Shop Tangled Net D4
Pawn Shop/Fence Jaeger’s Pawn Shop D1
Private Club The Drydock  D2


Area #6: Canal District
Type Name Location #
Barber/Tattoo Loose Strand C5
Beggar’s Guild Begger’s Guildhall C13
Brewery Brin Zwiesher Brewery C9
City Waste Disposal Pipe Cleaners, Canal & Refuse Management C3
Fortune Teller Lady Garga C1
Florist The Glass Flower C8
Gambling House The Blazing Bones C2
Herbalist The White Wasp C6
Inn Riverside Rooming House C10
Inn The Tick’s Nest C7
Tavern Manky Mary’s Alehouse C11
Tavern The Bar With No Name C12
Weaponsmith Skuldudgers Cutlery C4


Area #7: The Hill

Type Name Location #
Brothel Hall of Delights H6
Diplomat Corseen House H4
Hunting Supplies Gallam House H2
Inn The Quiet Woman H10
Mage Brelliar the Conjurer H1
Mayor’s House Cylyria’s Residence H11
Noblewoman Elmwish House H5
Tailor Fur and Velvet H7
Tailor Lace and Bow H9
Whitesmith Durnian House H3
Whitesmith The Jewel of Bryn Tuk Thull H8


Area #8: North Wall District

Type Name Location #
Fletcher Justin Greenwood’s Fletchery N5
Home Boleggo Deepdiggers Home N6
Mage Manisool’s Tower N1
Merchant’s House Enzeger’s Estate N7
Tavern Chango’s Bar N4
Tavern The Dancing Goblins N2
Tavern The Flensers’ Rest N3


Area #9: Bridge District
Type Name Location #
Author Author’s Residence B10
Cobbler Happy Feet B2
Concert Hall Auditorium of the Silver Harp B3
Inn Inn on the Bridge B1
Jewelry The Pearl Earring B9
Temple Shrine of Bacchus Dionysus B5
Temple Temple of Skilled Hands B4
Temple Shrine of Freya B6
Temple Shrine of Strym B7
Temple Temple of the Spider B8


Area #10: Keep Quarter

Type Name Location #
Barrister’s Guild The Assembly of the Spoken Word K6
Bureaucracy Offices of Commerce & Trade K3
City Guard Merthan’s Watchtower K8
City Guards Grand Constabulary K7
City Guards Sheriff’s Bailey K5
City Guards The Keep K1
Courts Hall of Justice K2
Guildhall/Bureaucracy The Grand High Symposium K4


Area #11: Thieves Quarter

Type Name Location #
Assassin’s Guild The Black Viper T5
Gambling Hall Fortune’s Fool T1
Inn The Hidden Lady T4
Inn The Inn of the Fallen Tree T8
Inn The Silver Serpent T2
Island Rogues Island T10
Orphanage Chalk and Slate T7
Tavern The Bloody Boar T3
Temple Shrine of Zors T6
Whips The Cat of Nine T9


Area #12: Bard’s College

Type Name Location #
Author Home of Ferdinand BC9
College Bard’s College BC1
Library The Written Note BC7
Merchant’s Home Hagglesthorp Estate BC3
Musical Instruments The Clarion Call BC5
Musical Instruments The Silver Harp BC4
Painter Umberto’s Studio BC8
Tavern The High Note BC6
Theatre Hadran’s Dome BC10
Theatre The Masque and Lute BC2


Area #13: East Docks
Type Name Location #
Boat Agrendive’s Boat ED1
Brothel/Slaver’s Guild The Golden Palms ED5
Leather Goods Eli’s Tannery and Furrier ED3
Locksmith Simple’s Locks ED4
Orphanage Widow Waker’s Orphanage ED2
Sweetshop Marvel’s Candies ED6


Area #14: Turnlin's Well
Type Name Location #


Acting School The Mimic’s Guild TW23
Armoursmith Steel Skin TW34
Baker The Toll Booth TW20
Bath House Up In Smoke TW25
Cartographer There and About TW3
Clocktower Stars and Pendulum TW35
Coffin Maker Box of Bones TW11
House Virthalia’s House TW1
Healer The Divine Apothecary TW28
Inn The Wizard’s Familiar TW42
Insect Shop Temple of the Beetle TW4
Laundry Arta’s Laundry TW14
Library High Sanctum of the Scroll TW2
Locksmith Locksmith TW36
Magic Book Shop Vok’s Arcane Attic TW13
Painter Fusini Studio TW9
Painter Gin Wa Studio TW17
Painter Menoen’s Studio TW12
Printers The Lyre Valley Press TW29
Prosthetic Limbs Replacement Arms  TW6
Sculptor Bard’s Gate Too! TW21
Sculptor Utello’s Gargoyle Studio TW10
Tattoo Parlour Eldritch Inks TW30
Tavern Alms, Liquor, Entertainment ‘Ale.’ TW19
Tavern Maidens’ Cross TW27
Tavern The Hanging Rose Tavern TW15
Tavern The Wyvern’s Tail TW18
Theatre The Velvet Curtain TW31
Trap Maker Joth the Trap Maker TW16
Unusual Florist The Thorn Wall TW24
Wagonmaker Oiled Axle TW7
Weaponsmith The Sword & Bolt TW33
Weaponsmith Volwild the Swordmaker TW22
Whips The Silent Strike TW5
Whitesmith Precious Jewellers TW8
Wigmaker The Woven Hair TW26


Area #15: Outer Quarter
Type Name Location #
Architect Caramip’s Architecture O13
Barber/Dentist A Little Off The Top O7
Bounty Hunter Ka’zic the Tracker O18
Bowyer The Strong Bow O23
Brewery Stoneheart Mountain Distiller O3
Butcher Koole’s Butcher Shop O4
City Guard Constable’s Station O5
Demolitions Hauk the Sapper O14
Dog Trainer Caagrah the Dog Trainer O16
Drug Den Dreams of Feng O20
Exotic Goods Juju Fetish O10
Exotic Pelts The Second Skin O17
Fortune Teller Shylor the Augurer O8
Fur Trader Furrier O9
Messengers The Feathered Herald O19
Parchment Maker Parchment Maker O12
Restaurant The Rising Dragon O21
Sculptor Utello’s Studio O6
Shield Maker The Brass Shield O2
Small Store Quarter House O22
Tar Makers Tar & Pitch O15
Tavern Reingoulde’s Bar O1
Tavern The Broken Camel O11


Area #16: Stable Row
Type Name Location #
Animal Pens Stockyards SR5
Barding The Guardian Mount SR1
Horse Trader Horse Trader SR2
Horse Trader The Dun Corral SR3
Stables Thundering Drum Stables SR4