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"Future Wars" figures from Mark Copplestone's "Copplestone Castings"

"Future Warriors" and "Combat Zone" miniatures from eM4 Miniatures

"Street Violence" miniatures and rules from The Foundry

"Void1.1" miniatures and rules from Urban Mammoth

28mm SF Miniatures from Kallistra

"Necromunda" and "Imperial Guard" miniatures Games Workshop

"Fearless" miniatures from Excalibu Miniatures

Resin Terrain and Scenery including "Urban Legends" from Ainsty

Resin Terrain and Scenery from Armorcast

Resin Terrain and Scenery from Epicast

Home-made Terrain and Scenery "How-To" by NetTerrain

Home-made Terrain and Scenery "How-To" by Terragenesis

"Twilight Street" Printable Cardstock Buildings from Microtactix

FREE Printable Paper Buildings from Germ's World

Combat Zone Newsletter - The Combat Zone Chronicles

The original "KillZone" rules, available on the web.

The Miniature's Page

Reference Site for Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures at The Stuff of Legends