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        Obviously, models (also called “figures” or “miniature”) are required to play SPAWL.  SPRAWL is designed to be used with 25-28mm models.  The models in a Squad should follow a similar theme of some type.  They don’t need to match perfectly but they should at least look like they go together.

        SPRAWL uses ten-sided dice.  You will need several of them.  A couple of six-sided dice may also be useful as Counters/Markers (see below).

Counters or Markers
        While not totally necessary, counters or markers are useful for keeping track of various circumstances or activities.  They can be placed beside a model to indicate what that model is doing, such as hiding, being on over watch, suffering from panic, etc.  Just about anything can be used as a marker/counter so long as it’s not too obtrusive and everyone playing knows what it represents.

Paper and Pencils
        SPRAWL involves a certain amount of note taking, namely tracking the damage that a Character suffers.  As such, each Player will need something to write on and something to write with.

Measuring Tape/Stick
        Distance is an important factor in SPRAWL so something to measure with is needed.

Gaming Surface
        A place to play is also an obvious necessity.  A table is ideal but the floor works just as well.  Any surface will work so long as it is flat and level.  The ideal size is four feet by four feet.

        As SPRAWL is meant to take place in an urban setting, a certain amount of scenery is necessary, namely buildings.  It is not necessary to have elaborate terrain, though you can if you wish.  Small boxes or books work just as well.