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Caught in the chaos of impending social collapse, civilization struggles to survive.  In his self-assured arrogance, mankind has become his own worst enemy.  Brother turns against brother as misery and desperation spread like a wasting cancer.  Governments and social order weaken and crumble while the megacorps grip the world in an ever-tightening stranglehold of greed and exploitation.  Information is now the only commodity of any true value.  He who has the data controls the future.  Amidst the nightmarish urban labyrinth of grime-encusted steel and concrete, rival factions wage a never-ending war as each vies for a piece of the action.  The world careens out of control in a hell-bent downward spiral.  No longer is there a question of right and wrong.  Now there is only the question of survival.

Welcome to the SPRAWL, meat!

       What is SPRAWL you ask? It is a table top game in which the players control gangs of fighters, slugging it out for fame and plunder in the urban nightmare of the near future. Unlike most miniatures battles games where a player controls an army, SPRAWL is a skirmish game which means the players control groups of a dozen or so fighters. Each fighter, called a "Character" gains experience and thus advances in skill and ability similar to role-playing game.

        The premise of SPRAWL is that each player controls their group of Characters, called a "Squad", in an attempt to reach an objective of some sort, be it acquiring some manner of item or simply wiping out the opponent.  SPRAWL games are considered to be independent events in an on-going campaign.  A Player uses the same Squad in each game.  As a Squad gains experience, their level of skill and competence increases.